We have explained MIG welding as well as ARC Welding now; we thought we would help you understand another sub-group of welding, which is gas welding. With over thirty-three years of experience, we have worked on different types of projects, so it is safe to say that we have a high level of expertise in gas welding to share with you.

Defining Gas welding

Gas welding refers to the process where metal is joined together by heating the metal at their interfaces by producing coalescence and using one or more gas flames. This process can be done with or without the use of a filler metal.
Gas welding tends to be a popular option within many industries and is considered to be one of the oldest forms of heat-based welding.

Advantages of gas welding

The process of gas welding comes with several benefits, including the fact that it is a portable process and can be used for different types of work including manufacturing, repair work and maintenance. In gas welding, the welder also has more control over the temperature and control over the filler-metal deposition rate.

Another common benefit of gas welding is that cost and maintenance fees are low in comparison to other processes.

Disadvantages of gas welding

Along with the advantages, some disadvantages come with gas welding. The first disadvantage that comes with gas welding is that it has a slow heating rate, while the cooling rate is also slow.

Gas welding is also not suitable for reactive and refractory metals such as titanium as they cannot be welded using this process. The process is also not suited for thick sections and can’t be used for high strength steel.

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