When it comes to installing stairs in your home, you might overlook the spiral staircase because you aren’t aware of the multitude of advantages to having one in your home. This decorative feature can save space, add value to your home and work well if you have an open plan living space.

This blog post will explore other secret advantages of having a spiral staircase in your home.

What Is a Spiral Staircase?

Spiral staircases are vastly different from traditional stairs, as they have round stairs or curved stairs, which consist of individual steps that are attached to a centre column. The steps rotate around the central point, which means you are moving upwards in a circular motion.

Ironwork spiral staircases are particularly popular as they look aesthetically pleasing and last a long duration of time.


When you look at a linear staircase, it can seem dismal and purely there for functionality, but with a spiral staircase, the functionality is combined with sophistication, charm and style. A spiral staircase is made to be seen, which adds a new dynamic to your home.


If you have a small living space, a spiral staircase might be the perfect choice for you, as it does not need as much space as a linear staircase. The spiral staircase is also ideal for an open plan living space, which means the design can be incorporated into your décor as a feature rather than just a functional necessity.


As mentioned, many spiral staircases are made from iron, which means it will last a long duration of time, because it is so durable, sturdy and strong. Iron can also be moulded into creative designs, which fits in with the decorative element nicely.

Add Value

In some cases, spiral staircases can add value to your small home, as they are appreciated by designers and architects alike. The functionality, combined with style and safety, appeals to a new market, which can become a new selling point for your home.


We could go on about the secret advantages of having a spiral staircase in your home, but instead, we will leave you to weigh up the pros and cons for your home. If you currently have a spiral staircase in your home that needs restoring, we are happy to help. You can contact a member of the Black Bull Engineering team today, and we can discuss your requirements.