Black Bull Engineering has been trading as multi-metal and steel stockholders since 1991, so we understand the pros and cons of steel construction. This blog post will explore the advantages and disadvantages of steel construction to provide you with a varied look into this material.

We will also share how we can help, as we specialise in all types of construction steel.

Advantages of Steel Construction

The following is a list of advantages when it comes to steel construction.

Value for Money

Steel is extremely cost-effective, which is why many favour this material. Steel is cheaper, and due to its durability, its long-term integrity will reduce the chances of incurring replacement costs.

Reliability, Durability and Quality

Many people opt for steel construction as this material is notorious for its durability, reliability and quality. Due to these positive qualities, steel construction lasts a long duration of time when maintained correctly.

While other materials such as wood are susceptible to termites or corrosion, steel constructions are not as vulnerable. This is because when effectively processed, steel is resistant to rot, warping and cracks, amongst other elements.

The strength of steel constructions means it has strong structural integrity, making it weather-resistant and can be used in different projects.

Disadvantages of Steel Construction

The following are some disadvantages when it comes to steel construction.

High Maintenance Costs

While steel is cost-effective, it does have higher maintenance costs, especially when not processed properly, as corrosion can occur. In addition, steel constructions may require touch-ups, such as a fresh coat of paint regularly, which can add up in terms of cost. However, this disadvantage can be tackled with proper care and attention.


Another disadvantage revolves around the appearance of the building when steel is used. Some may see steel construction as an undesirable feature, especially when cladding and false ceilings are not put in place. The cost increases in this regard as well, especially for office buildings and similar, as you will have to improve the overall appearance with cladding.

Steel Stockholders

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