We have been established for almost thirty-three years now, so it is safe to say we have extensive experience working with different materials and components. In these thirty-three years, Black Bull Engineering has gained a reputation as a proven manufacturer and supplier of high-quality and innovative engineering.

Today we want to take you through the materials and components we work with here at Black Bull Engineering and provide you with examples of when we have worked with different materials.

Metal Fabrication

With so many years in this industry, it is quite possible we could cut, bend and assemble almost anything in metal. We can craft metalwork into designs such as security fencing, driveway gates and even railings. We also work with metal to create specialist equipment, for example, Ercolinal Mandrel Pipe Bender.


By using high heat we can melt stainless steel, carbon steel, copper, nickel and other types of metal together. Our welding professionals are able to come to you and offer a safe and quality engineering service which is tailored to your needs. Our experienced team has used their welding expertise to weld stainless steel brackets onto pipes, this skill can be transferred over to your welding needs.


We have extensive experience working with steel and we have an impressive example if we do say so ourselves. For example, in 2014 we worked on the refurbishment on corrosion damaged 150-year-old Town Bridge. The corrosion done to the steel bridge was repaired, and we used a sand casting procedure to replicate the damaged wrought iron flower heads.

Steel Stockholders

Here at Black Bull Engineering, we can deliver all types of steel as well as non-ferrous metals to you, if you are located in the South-West. Specifically, we specialise in all types of construction steel, construction steel beams, universal beams and columns.

We also supply stainless steel and aluminium to certain industries.

Ironwork and restoration

With an incredible team of high-skilled craftsmen working here, we are able to create durable and stunning architectural ironwork and can restore existing ironwork as well. Examples of our work include spiral staircases, balcony restoration, verandas, staircases, balconies and even glass balconies.

In order to carry out and work with the components as well as the material we have mentioned above, we have had to construct a team of highly skilled and experienced employees. Our team only offer the best quality work and are precise when it comes to their projects.