When it comes to metal fabrication, attention to detail is everything. Black Bull Engineering have an elite fabrication team who have worked on all kinds of projects from the everyday to the unusual. Our skills are second to none and our fabricators are exceptional at what they do.

Metal fabrication is a term used to describe the process of moulding, cutting or shaping metal to create a final product. It can be used for balconies and staircases and can be as ornate or simple as the client wants. There are multiple fabrication processes that can be implemented and the techniques that are used will depend on the material that you start with and the product that needs to be created. Fabrication is perfect for custom made products where you want to create something unique, interesting and special.

In many of our design projects we bend, fold, shape and create a variety of interesting shapes for all kinds of projects. We use specialist equipment that can expertly fabricate any piece of metal into almost any shape.

Since the business was launched, we have worked on some interesting and diverse projects from waterworks through to commercial signage and balconies. Each piece of metalwork that we craft is intricately created with so much time, effort and detail going into every piece. Our projects have ranged from glass balconies through to elaborately designed metalwork for a veranda.

Some of the services that we offer from the unusual to the unique include:

Architectural Ironwork – A beautifully fabricated railing can offer an imposing and striking focal point to any landing area or indoor balcony.

Spiral Staircases – Nothing creates a better impression than a beautifully designed staircase installed in your home or business.

We also offer complete restoration work too, transforming tired, worn and rusted metalwork, bringing it back to life and enhancing its appearance. Whatever ideas you have in mind, nothing is off limits, our fabrication team will use their expertise, knowledge and skill to create any design that you have in mind.