When it comes to your iron railing balcony, staircase or architecture, you want to make sure they look good and are safe to use. Many iron balconies, for example, have intricate designs that need to be maintained. Older buildings might have iron features in need of some much needed TLC.

This blog post will share everything you need to know about maintaining iron railings, what you can do to keep on top of maintenance and what to do when you notice the damage.


Iron railings have a notorious reputation of being almost indestructible, but that doesn’t mean certain features do not falter over time. For example, the main nemesis of iron railings is rust. Rust appears over time, especially when the iron railings are exposed to natural elements. The presence of rust is shown through the flaking of paintwork, indicating an issue beneath the surface.

You should also be on the lookout for other elements that indicate you need to restore or maintain your iron railings. For example, if an oily residue is on the paint or the metalwork is expanding, you might need to seek professional help.


To reduce the likelihood of extensive damage to your iron railings, you can maintain the ironwork by cleaning it periodically and removing any dirt or debris. You can also carefully remove any rust with wire wool if it starts to appear.

For dreary-looking iron railings, you can also repaint the surface; however, an expert is by far better with this process. You will have to prime and then repaint the faded areas, and since there are a variety of paints available for different types of ironwork, a professional would know which to use.


If your ironwork is damaged, with parts chipped or completely missing, you might need to replace certain parts or seek expert restoration.


If you need your iron railings restored to fit in with your architecture, or you want to bring the beauty of the ironwork back to its original glory, we can help. We have an architectural ironwork and restoration service which covers spiral staircases, balconies, verandas and more.


The team at Black Bull Engineering are always happy to help answer your questions about our iron and restoration work. You can contact a member of our team today, and we can discuss your requirements so we can suggest the right service for you.