Have you ever pondered the capabilities of ironwork? What can it create? What does the end product look like? Today, at Black Bull Engineering, we are going to answer those questions. Since it is almost 33 years since we first established, it is safe to say we have worked on several ironwork projects.

This blog post will delve into the subject of ironwork, including what it is and examples of ironwork that you might see every day without realising it.

What Is Ironwork?

Before we jump into the examples, we want to share what ironwork means. Ironwork is commonly used for the creation of artwork, utensils or architectural features that are made using iron. Decorative pieces such as gates and balconies incorporate iron to create an intricate design.

There are two common types of ironwork, which are wrought iron and cast iron. While wrought ironwork is typically forged by a blacksmith, cast iron is produced in a furnace, both requiring a high degree of expertise, skill and knowledge.


Typically on flats or built-up areas, balconies are the first example of our ironwork list. Iron balconies not only look stunning, as intricate designs can be incorporated, they are also sturdy, durable and manageable. Wrought iron balconies, like the ones we work on, require less maintenance and are not susceptible to rust or rot.

An iron balcony can also add an artistic touch to your property, as intricate patterns can be incorporated into the structure.


Another everyday example of ironwork is a staircase. Typically used in commercial buildings or for use externally on residential properties, iron staircases are popular features. Iron railings or staircases are long-lasting, require little to no maintenance and improve the safety of the building by providing a safe system to move from one floor to another.

Spiral Staircases

Speaking of staircases, spiral staircases are also created using ironwork and can save a significant amount of space in your home. Spiral staircases are beautiful creations to behold and can brighten up any room. You can also design spiral staircases to suit your décor and space.

Let’s Start

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