When it comes to engineering and metal fabrication, the tools used in the process of shaping, moulding and manipulating metal are so important. In our trade we use many different types of metal which are welded, moulded, cut and shaped depending on the particular project that we work on. Using the latest tools and technologies is important so we can continue to deliver an unrivalled level of service to our customers. Some of the tools that we use for our metalwork include:

Oxy-gas Torch – These tools are used to cut or weld various types of metal. They use gas such as oxygen, acetylene or argon to function and they are ideal for small scale fabrication work.

Magnetic Drills – Used for drilling holes in metal. This is one of the best tools for drilling heavy objects that we can’t lift or move. A magnetic drill machine features a mag base. This is a fixed magnetic base that stays in place permanently.

Angle Grinder – This is a portable tool with an electric motor and a circular blade. When in operation the blade spins around at speed to deliver a precise cut in the metal.

Band Saw – A tool that can cut angles at 45, 60 and 90 degrees. It offers greater control and flexibility as the operator works with the metal.

Many advances have been made in the metal fabrication industry, largely through innovation and experimentation. Technology is playing an increasing role in this industry such as customised software solutions that can streamline systems and processes and make the fabrication process much easier or estimating systems that can deliver greater accuracy for clients.

The tools, technologies and modern advancements in the industry are designed to make metal work easier and more accurate, allowing companies such as ourselves to deliver projects that are even more precise, tailored and products that exceed customer expectations.