Have you ever wondered what makes a good weld? From skyscrapers to railcars and even desks, welding is all around us every day. While welding is a skill that is available for everyone to gain, it isn’t always done to a high standard.

This informative blog post will share details about what makes a good weld and what makes a bad weld, so you can easily identify each or work on your welding skills further. We will be covering examples of good welds and bad welds from different welding methods, including MIG welding, stick welding and TIG welding.

Signs of a Bad Weld

For MIG welding, a bad weld is presented in the form of a lack of uniformity and cracks. If cracks appear along the weld down the middle of the bead, it could mean that the voltage is too low. Another example of a bad weld is that it is too thin and lacks strength, or there is a lack of discolouration of the parent metal.

TIG welding is another welding option, and you can identify a bad weld if there are any signs of burnout, erratic beads, or no distinct pattern.

Another welding method we will mention is stick welding. You can identify a bad stick weld if there is spatter, a visible lack of fusion and cracking, breaks in the bead and undercutting.

Signs of a Good Weld

With so many different welding methods, it can be harder to describe a good weld; however, two common factors of a good weld revolve around quality and strength. A low strength weld will not stay secure for long, as it will not hold the metal pieces together.

A good MIG weld will appear straight and have no dips or craters in the bead. Moving onto TIG welding, a good TIG weld will have no burnout and will be visually appealing. Finally, a good stick weld will be straight and uniform, with no spatter, holes or breaks in the bead.

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