Who doesn’t love a durable and creative balcony? They add so much charm to a building while adding a bit of extra space to your home. Still not sure if a balcony is worth it? This blog post will share 4 benefits of having an iron balcony, so you can make the right decision for you.

  • 1. Additional Space

The first benefit we will start with is one of the main reasons people invest in a balcony. Your balcony can provide a bit of extra space to your home. This is ideal if you have friends over, and you need to make your home feel and look bigger.

This additional space can also be used as a storage space, as you can store bulky items out of the way. With a balcony, you will have the freedom to decide what you can do with the additional space.

  • 2. Mini Greenhouse

For those that do not have a garden space, a balcony can help you build a mini greenhouse. You can purchase hanging balcony planters that allow you to grow your own plants, providing you with a touch of greenery.

  • 3. Durable

Iron balconies typically have an intricate design that makes them quite charming; however, that isn’t the only element that stands out about this design. Iron balconies are durable, reliable and strong, meaning they can last for years. The durability of this balcony makes it easy to restore as the iron stands the test of time.

  • 4. Open up Your Space

When you spend so long inside your home, you can start to feel isolated. A balcony allows you to open up your space and makes your home feel much bigger than it actually is. Fresh air will also easily circulate around your home when you open the balcony doors, perfect during a hot day.


When it comes to your iron balcony, you want to make sure it is looking its best, which means keeping up with some much-needed maintenance. Luckily, our team of experts offer a balcony restoration service to get your balcony looking close to brand new again.

You’d be surprised at home much the exterior of a home can drastically improve when you restore your existing balcony. You can contact Black Bull Engineering today, and we will happily assist you with your balcony restoration needs.