Have you ever wondered which structures were crafted using wrought iron? There are different examples, such as spiral staircases, balconies and verandas, but those are too general. Instead, we want to share 3 famous structures that incorporate wrought iron in their design, to highlight real-life examples of the uses of wrought iron.

We hope this blog post will highlight the structural beauty and integrity of wrought iron.

What Is Wrought Iron?

Wrought iron is a strong, malleable form of iron that is used for forging or rolling. The process of using wrought iron involves the iron being heated and then moulded using tools. Throughout history, wrought iron created decorative features and objects such as railings, balconies, porches, gates, fences, hardware, nails, and more.

The Eiffel Tower

Starting with the most iconic structure: The Eiffel Tower in Paris. Construction for The Eiffel Tower started on the 28th January 1887 and received a lot of criticism about the design. The overall construction took two years, two months and five days to finish, which is a short time for such a wondrous masterpiece.

This 1063 feet structure creates a romantic setting. It is composed of wrought iron lattice panels, which bring this romantic destination to lifeā€”the intricate patterns and structure-function as a sturdy creation and a memorable piece of art.

Canada Gate

The entrance into The Green Park in London is a memorable entrance to behold. The Canada Gates functioned as the entrance and were installed in 1908 but were commissioned in 1905 as part of the memorial to Queen Victoria. As you can tell by the name, these gates were presented to London by Canada.

The intricate metalwork includes the crests of Canadian provinces, and the screen of gilded wrought iron that creates the gates is situated between two Portland stone pillars. The entire construction consists of five gilded wrought iron doors and features a decorative and elegant style.

Bradbury Building

We’ve talked about monuments and spectacular gates; now we want to discuss an architectural landmark located in Los Angeles, California. Many famous movies such as Lethal Weapon 4, Blade Runner, 500 Days of summer and more have been filmed at Bradbury Building due to the beautiful wrought iron features.

Built in 1893, this five-story office building is known for its ornate ironwork and its 50 feet-tall Victorian court with open cage elevators which are fenced by wrought-iron grillwork. The intricate design and stunning appearance make this a memorable location.